mSpy Is The Best iPhone Spy App You Will Find

Children today want the latest phone on the market and the iPhone is a popular choice. But smartphones can make it hard for parents to keep close track of their children’s activities on the phone. Smartphones give kids access to messaging and the internet from anywhere. A responsible parent who desires the ability to monitor their child’s activities need a safe, reliable, and powerful iPhone spy app to help them keep an eye them.

mSpy allows the owner of any phone to track the usage, location, surroundings, and even the address book of the target phone all while running invisibly in the background. Simply installing the app on the phone you want to track will send all the desired data instantly to your secure online account where you control the level of surveillance. mSpy runs completely in the background without the user ever noticing. Loaded with helpful features and backed by a 24/7 professional support team, mSpy is the only solution you need for all of your phone monitoring and surveillance needs. mSpy is simple to install and available for a number of operating systems.

Monitor Phone Calls

Whether you just want to log phone calls or generate a comprehensive report of the activities of your target phone, mSpy has the tools you’re looking for. Their call monitoring features let you generate phone logs and even record phone calls remotely to your online account. You can also record all SMS/MMS messages and messages sent from instant messaging apps such as Skype, Facebook, Viber, and iMessage. Finally, block specific phone numbers completely from your control panel.

Monitor Phone Calls

Track Internet Use

mSpy allows you to do more than just monitor browsing history. Check website bookmarks and even block specific websites using your online control panel. You can also intercept and read emails and check the address book of your target securely. mSpy allows you instant access to the content of all incoming and outgoing emails from any target device no matter what external email service they use.

Monitor Internet Use

Track GPS and record surroundings

Track your target phone’s GPS location in real time safely and securely anywhere from your online control panel. Get detailed reports on routes during specific time frames, even when a GPS signal isn’t available. All information appears on a comprehensive, detailed map. mSpy is even capable of recording using the phone’s microphone and sending the audio to your online account.

Track GPS Location

Control Apps and Multimedia Files

Not every app is safe. Even some games can pose security threats or disguise viruses. Control what apps the phone user is able to access and see every app installed on the phone. You can also block certain apps or certain kinds of apps from even being stalled on the phone. You can also view all photos or other multimedia files, and download them remotely.

Control Apps

Control The Target Device Remotely and Get Comprehensive Reports

If the target phone is stolen and contains sensitive data, mSpy iPhone spy app allows you to remotely activate a total device wipeout and delete all data on the phone. The wipeout is completely irreversible, and can quickly stop any potential risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. mSpy can also lock or unlock the device remotely to avoid needing a wipeout. Whether you have one device or multiple devices, mSpy can generate reports by device, groups, activities or time period and can export them to multiple file formats.

Remote Control