How It Works

mSpy is perhaps the most popular cell phone monitoring software available today. It is used by many concerned parents who wish to find out what their children are doing on their smartphone when they are not around to watch.

Today, we use our smartphone for just about everything, even our biggest secrets, and the same is especially true for our children. Fortunately, the mSpy app allows you to monitor your child’s social media and phone activity, and track their location via GPS.

mSpy is very easy to use and worked quite well in my tests. Here is a quick description of how it works:

How mSpy Works

  1. Purchase: You will first purchase the software online, then instantly receive all download and installation instructions via email.
  2. Installation: Following the easy step-by-step instructions given, you will install the mSpy app directly onto the smartphone you wish to monitor. Once installed, it works invisibly in the background. The owner of the phone will never know that he is being monitored at all.
  3. Monitor: The mSpy app covertly records activities and uploads them to a secure account using the internet connection of the monitored phone. You can login to your mSpy account from any computer, smartphone or other device with internet access to view the recorded logs.

That’s it! With the mSpy app installed onto their mobile device, you can keep a better watch over many of their activities.

mSpy can and has been used to help keep teens safe. Dangerous situations can easily be avoided using this software, as now parents will be able to view many activities and any secrets teens are keeping from them that might put them in harm’s way.

The good part about mSpy is that it runs silently in the background of the phone, so teens can still use the phone as normal. For more information on using the mSpy app, visit

Last updated July 24, 2017.

3 thoughts on “How It Works

  1. I have 2 lines on my tmobile account if I use my sim card to install the mspy software on the device then insert the sim card for my other line into the device being tracked. Will mspy keep logging activity?

    • mSpy gets installed into the phone and not the SIM card. So yes it works fine without a SIM card. However, the target phone must have Internet access in order to use mspy.

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