mSpy Without Jailbreak

mspy without jailbreak

mSpy allows you to monitor your child’s iPhone and iPad activity without jailbreaking the device. You will be able to view your child’s activities such as text messages, call logs, contacts, websites visited and WhatsApp messages.

If you want to monitor an iPhone with almost all other types of standard phone monitoring software, you have to first jailbreak the phone. Once the iPhone has been jailbroken, then you can download the software onto the phone.

If the parent or employer (in this case, you) did not know how to jailbreak or don’t know what it is, then they would not be able to use the spy software on iOS devices. Which would make the software virtually useless for iPhone monitoring purposes.

mSpy has released a new monitoring tool for iOS, called “mSpy Without Jailbreak” – as the name suggests, it allows you to monitor an iPhone without jailbreaking. To use it, all you need is the child’s iCloud login information (Apple ID and password).

How Does It Work?

mSpy Without Jailbreak is different in that you don’t have to jailbreak the iPhone to use it. It works by extracting data from iCloud backups. All you need to do is purchase a mSpy license (Basic or Premium), gather your child’s Apple ID and password and connect their Apple iCloud account to mSpy.

I will walk you through the process of adding an iCloud account to the mSpy control panel.

Step 1: Sign up for mSpy

First go to the mSpy website and purchase a subscription. Pretty easy, right? And here is a coupon code just for you, click here and complete the sign-up process, you can get mSpy Basic for only $25.49 — that’s 15% off the regular price.

buy mspy basic at a discounted rate

Step 2: Enable iCloud on the iPhone

On the target iPhone, go into Settings > iCloud and make sure that iCloud is enabled for each of the categories you would like to track: Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Safari.

set up icloud

Two-factor authentication (2FA) must be disabled on the target iCloud account. You can disable two-factor from the Apple ID account page.

Step 3: Add the iCloud account to your mSpy control panel

Once iCloud has been enabled on the target phone, log into your control panel via your account. From there you will be able to select which devices you want to track. Select “iPhone Without Jailbreak” and enter the Apple ID and Password of the target device in the field. Verify the information then click the Proceed button to complete the process.

add icloud account

That’s it! This method of monitoring the iPhone’s activity is completely safe and undetectable by the person using the iPhone. There is no indicator that the phone’s Apple ID is being tracked, and there is no other way for the person to find out it’s being tracked.

What You Can Track With mSpy without Jailbreak Solution

mSpy lets you track the following on any iPhone without having to jailbreak or unlock it:

  • Messages. View both incoming and outgoing iMessage, SMS and MMS messages.
  • Call history. Monitor inbound and outbound phone calls, complete with phone number and contact name (if applicable).
  • WhatsApp. View sent and received WhatsApp chats, including username and timestamp.
  • Contacts. View new and existing contacts that have been saved on the device.
  • Notes. View notes that have been saved on the device.
  • Installed apps. View a list of all the apps installed on the phone.
  • Websites visited. See what websites are being used on the iPhone. View the bookmark saved on Safari, along with a link to the corresponding website.

mSpy control panel

Is mSpy Without Jailbreak Worth It?

In all honesty, it depends.

If you know how to jailbreak an iPhone, or feel confident in learning how to jailbreak an iPhone, then I would recommend the regular version of mSpy. It’s a more complete monitoring software, and offers more and better monitoring options and features.

However, if you’re not comfortable jailbreaking an iPhone, then mSpy Without Jailbreak would be your best iPhone spy software option. To the best of my knowledge, mSpy is the only company offering the unique feature of monitoring without jailbreaking.

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