8 awesome mSpy features you probably don’t know about

mspy features

mSpy is more than just a monitoring software; it gives you the ability to monitor and control your children’s phone usage. It will let you track a phone’s location, lock the phone remotely, block or allow the app, even capture username and password data. You can also see their text messages and emails, even if they’ve deleted them! All of the incoming and outgoing calls are logged to show how long the call lasted and when it occurred. Plus, the person never has to know that the spy app is on their phone if you do not want them to know.

Here are some of the awesome things you can do with mSpy.

1. Screen Recording

mSpy Screenrecorder is a useful feature that does exactly what its name suggests—it captures the phone’s screen, then sends screenshots to your online account.

2. Monitor Social Media

mSpy makes it easy to monitor their social media activity on popular apps including Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat, Instagram, Line, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Skype.

facebook chats
Read their Facebook messages

3. Keylogger

The mSpy app records every keystroke made by the phone user, including passwords, messages and other information.

mSpy records and stores each keystroke the user types

4. Remote Locking

This feature lets you remotely lock your child’s phone at a specific time, such as when it’s time to study or sleep.

remote locking
You can lock the phone remotely

5. Block Websites and Calls

If your child has access to the Internet on the smartphone it can be difficult to know what websites they are browsing, but with this feature, you can monitor their Web activity and then block certain websites from ever being viewed on their phone again. You can also block incoming calls from specific telephone numbers.

block websites and calls
You can manually block websites and calls

6. Application Blocking

You can view a list of all apps installed on the monitored phone, including the date and time they were downloaded. From the list of apps installed, you can choose which apps you’d like to block.

block apps
You can also block apps you don’t want they using

7. Wi-Fi Uploading

You can now choose whether or not to upload logs to the web panel only when Wi-Fi is available. This helps to reduce the amount of monthly data plan and battery consumption.

wi-fi uploading
You can set mSpy to only upload logs over Wi-Fi

8. Alerts

Get alerts on specific words in emails, social media messages and texts. To set up this feature you just need to go to “Keywords” on your mSpy account and add the keywords you want to track.

Set keyword alerts