Why Choose mSpy Over Other Cell Phone Spy Software

mSpy Cell Phone Spy SoftwaremSpy is one of the most updated cell phone spying tools that any parent, spouse or employer can use. It is readily available on the web, installs in minutes and you get excellent results every time. And these are not just even half of all the benefits that you will get when you use this software. Here are some of the advantages you get when you use mSpy over all other cell phone spying software:

1. mSpy does not just monitor the target phone’s messages, calls and contacts; you can also monitor emails made and received. There are so many effective ways to communicate these days and with a smartphone you can email, chat and do instant messages. mSpy will be able to detect email recipients, messages and any attachments on the email message sent and received.

2. mSpy has a unique way to intercept instant messages through Skype. Instant messages may be recorded and kept for future reference.

3. You can transform the target phone into a bugging device through mSpy. The target smart phone will allow you to listen to sounds, record sounds and with this sensitive software, you will be able to record sounds from the environment. No other cell phone spying software can match this efficient feature.

4. With the mSpy, you will be able to control what the target phone is doing especially accessing programs and apps. This feature is ideal for controlling cell phone use of young children or your employees at work. Most cell phone spying software will not be able to do this at all.

5. With mSpy, you can view videos and photos that have been stored in the device. Through a convenient mSpy account that only you can access, any photo or video that has been taken will immediately be sent to you. You won’t have to worry about your kid’s safety wherever they are and whatever they are doing with this effective mobile surveillance tool.

6. Possibly one of the most dreadful moments is losing your valuable smart phone or android phone. You can remote access your phone from your mSpy account and track where it is through a GPS tracking feature on the device. You may also erase any data that you wish to protect your safety plus lock your phone so it is impossible to be accessed, used or sold.

7. You can even use mSpy to create evaluation reports about the use of the target phone based on different metrics. This feature is not found in most cell phone tracking and spying software. With this feature, you may track several phones at once ideal for business mSpy packages.

8. You have a choice between a personal/home use or business use mSpy account. This will allow users to tailor made their cell phone spying activities according to their needs.

9. Finally, mSpy works in all platforms and mobile networks anywhere. This means you can use it on a BlackBerry, Windows Mobile phones or for an iPhone. It will also work with all networks like Sprint, at&t, T Mobile and Verizon.