mSpy Review – Does mSpy Work?

mSpy Overview: What It Is and How It Works

mSpy is a monitoring application that is downloaded and installed on the target device and allows you to monitor the phone’s text messages, call history, browsing history, emails, GPS locations, photos, videos, instant messengers and more from your secure web-based account. Once installed, it runs silently in the background and records all activity on the phone, and then sends it to your mspy account which you can access from any computer or mobile device.


mSpy is easy to set up and works on jailbroken & non-jailbroken iOS devices and Android devices. Now also available for Windows and Mac. The installation only takes a few minutes, and it runs in the background and invisible to the phone user, so your children or employees will never know that you are spying on them.

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mSpy Features

mSpy GPS FeatureCell phone spy software has come a long ways over the last few years. In the past, the only thing cell phone spyware did, was allow someone to read text messages by forwarding the text messages to another number. However, the technology has now improved to offer users many different monitoring options. Let’s take a look at what mSpy can do:

1. GPS tracking: mSpy allows you to track the exact location of the monitored phone via your mspy account. You can also see the location of your child on a map at all times.

2. Read text messages: Monitor the user’s incoming and outgoing text messages, even if they are deleted from the phone.

3. Call history: See the complete history of all incoming and outgoing calls, including phone numbers, contact names, date, time and duration.

4. Incoming calls restriction: Restrict incoming calls from any predefined number on your target phone.

5. Read emails: Read both incoming and outgoing emails. Gmail for Android & iOS, and Mail App for iOS.

6. View photos & videos: See all photos they take on their phone. Access all their photos and videos online from your control panel.

7. Monitor Internet activities: Find out which websites they are visiting by providing you with all the URLs of every website they visit.

8. Read chats and instant messages: Monitor some of the most popular communication apps, such as: iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Skype, Viber, LINE, Telegram, Snapchat & WhatsApp.

9. Access calendar and address book: Keep track of the entries in the user’s address book, and every calendar activity entered into the monitored phone.

10. Keylogger: Record all keystrokes users type while using their cell phone. The keylogging feature is only available for Android devices.

11. Apps & Websites Blocking: You can now have full control over the apps installed on a cell phone with this feature. Choose to allow or block any phone application you deem harmful to your kids.

12. Unlimited Device Change: You can install the mspy app upon one device at a time but you can change the target device as often as you want without buying new licenses.

13. 100% invisible and undetectable – The best thing about using mspy is that it does its job very stealthily and will not let anyone know that it has been installed on the phone. There will not be any icons to show people that mSpy app has been installed on the device.

Features Comparison

FEATURES mSpy Basic mSpy Premium mSpy without Jailbreak
Automatic Software Updates Yes Yes No
Text Messages, MMS Yes Yes Yes
Call history & Contact List Yes Yes Yes
Emails Yes Yes No
iMessages Yes Yes Yes
Browsing History Yes Yes Yes
Calendar, Notes, Tasks Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Device Change Yes Yes No
SIM Change Notification Yes Yes No
GPS Location Yes Yes No
Geo-Fencing No Yes No
Keylogger No Yes No
Wi-Fi Networks No Yes Yes
Apps & Websites Blocking No Yes No
Incoming Call Blocking No Yes No
Remote Device Lock or Wipe No Yes No
Snapchat No Yes No
Instant Messages No Yes Yes

System Requirements for mSpy

The system requirements for running mSpy on different mobile and desktop operating systems are described below, please click below to learn more about the system requirements for your specific OS.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the app is compatible with your device before buying.

mSpy for Jailbroken iOS Devices
mSpy for Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices
mSpy for Android Devices
mSpy for Windows Computers
mSpy for Mac Computers

mSpy Download

Install and Set Up

The mobile device will need to physically be in your hand to install the mspy monitoring software. This is the only time you will need the device. Monitoring will be done remotely, and users will never be able to know you are spying on them because the software is not traceable.

From your computer, open the confirmation email, and click on the link that is provided. This will take you to the mSpy control panel. Log into the control panel and follow the step through instructions.

Once installation is completed, the software will start monitoring the device immediately. All user activity can be viewed by logging into the mSpy control panel.

mSpy Video

If you want to see mspy in action, then check out this quick video. A lot of people have heard about mSpy cell phone monitoring software, but few have actually seen how it works. This video gives an excellent overview of what mSpy is, and what it can do.

As you can see, mSpy is an advanced monitoring system that is packed with features to help employers and parents ensure safety for those who need it. The world is filled with temptations, and wrong choices are easy to make. This software helps protect users from suffering long term consequences because of poor choices they are tempted to make. Getting the security you need for your loved ones is priceless, and this software provides the highest mobile monitoring available. It has never been so easy for parents and employers to get the answers they need about suspicious behavior.

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying mSpy

1. How do I get the software?
The software is a digital product, and will be delivered to you electronically. When your purchase is complete an email containing download instructions will be delivered to your Inbox. The email will have a link that you will need to type into the monitored phone’s web browser. The link is also available in your control panel. Basically, you go to the link, download, and install the app.

2. Do I need physical access to the phone to install mSpy?
Yes, you need physical access to the phone that you want to track. This is because you need to go through that cell phone’s browser for downloading the installer file. You don’t need physical access to the phone for long as it only takes around 10 minutes to complete the installation.

3. Is it legal?
mSpy is a professional cell phone monitoring solution designed for parents and employers to legitimately monitor their phone use. If you intend on monitoring a phone you do not own or do not have permission to monitor, you should not purchase mSpy. It is illegal to install monitoring app on phone you do not own.

4. Will my child know mSpy is installed or running? Is it detectable?
The only way they will know is if you chose the “I’d like to keep the icon” option while installing mSpy. If you didn’t choose that option then nothing will be displayed to notify the user. The mSpy icon automatically hides after the installation is complete.

5. What kind of technical support is there?
Technical support is available 24 hours a day online, or through the toll-free hotline. Getting the answers to your questions is so easy. Customer service representatives are prepared to help you with anything from technical issues to purchasing. This software is easy to use, easy to install, and provides comfort to worried parents and employers.

mSpy Coupon Code / Where to Buy

The software can be brought through the main mSpy website. There are two editions available, Basic or Premium. You will need to provide a valid email address so installation instructions can be sent to you.

To make this even more fun, mSpy is offering an exclusive coupon code for my readers. Please visit mspy coupon code page for more information.

mSpy Review – Conclusion

learn more about mspy

mSpy is definitely the best stealth mobile phone spy software out there today. If you need to get your hands on all the latest features (such as monitoring Skype, WhatsApp & iMessage, spy on calls, and more) look no further than mSpy. They are considered one of the leaders in the overall cell phone spy industry, and are one of the few companies that offer live customer support. Prices start at a reasonable $30 and go up to $200. Don’t forget to get your mSpy discount code to save some money.

Last updated April 28, 2017.

30 thoughts on “mSpy Review – Does mSpy Work?

  1. I am not sure if the software works or not since I was unable to get in installed. You advertise a 10-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Since I found out the software would not work on my Iphone5 I immediately requested a refund and was told I was not eligible for one. This is obviously a shady company and have many complaints listed with the BBB. Wish I had checked before my order.

    • You must jailbreak the iPhone you want to monitor before installing the application. It is impossible to download or install mspy if you can’t jailbreak the target iPhone. This means that mspy won’t work with non-jailbreak iphone. Jailbreaking is simple and easy, and you can use evasi0n to do it.

  2. Do not go anywhere near mspy! I have it and the problems are many. I have had the phone for about 10 days and (among other problems) can see no photos or videos. I have tried to work with support but just get told to “wait” and the downloads will come, or it is my internet connection (I have verizon FIOS, no connection or speed problems with any other device or application), or some other run around. When I asked for a refund within the first 7 days I was refused. If you do get this software, do not expect a refund no matter what.

    Again, I currently have this software and it does not work. I am a very unhappy customer and warn everyone against purchasing this product.

    • Hi David, I am sorry to hear about your problems. In general, I found that mspy works well with almost every smartphone and tablet.

      If you have received logs normally and then they stop suddenly, there may be various reasons:

      1. The internet is not working on the target phone.
      2. There are no such activities.
      3. The phone is turned off or roaming.
      4. If you are not able to use Whatsapp, Skype, Viber and Facebook features because the target Android phone is not rooted.

      • I have never received logs normally.

        ‘1. The internet is not working on the target phone.’
        The internet is working fine on the target phone. Getting emails, facebook updates with videos, video messages on apps like vine, I can surf the web no problem. The phone is on the WiFi connection in my home, which is Verizon FIOS, I have no connection or speed issues on any of my devices using this WiFi connection.

        ‘2. There are no such activities.’
        This is a child’s phone and is loaded with photos and videos. NONE have ever been downloaded. It has been 2 weeks. Also I have made new test photos and videos to see if that would work. Nothing.

        ‘3. The phone is turned off or roaming.’
        The phone is sitting in my house turned on and on a charger. I have rebooted it several times. Again it is receiving calls, texts facebook updates, videos etc

        4. If you are not able to use Whatsapp, Skype, Viber and Facebook features because the target Android phone is not rooted.

        It is an iphone 4s jailbroken running cydia

        I am a software engineer myself. I don’t expect everything to work perfectly. I have no problem with a little trouble shooting to get things to work. I have a very typical system: Dell laptop running windows 7 on a Verizon FIOS WiFi connection. Nothing exotic. As said above, the phone is an iphone 4s connected to the WiFi getting traffic. I have contacted support a number of times. The majority of the time I was simply told to “wait”. One time I was instructed to do some reboot and turn off the connections for an hour and turn back on, which I did numerous times. No change.

        After I purchased I found the link above that shows the many complaints. Clearly I am not the only one experiencing these problems.

        • Hi David – Many thanks for your feedback and sharing your experience. Can you please tell me which iOS version you are currently running? mSpy is currently not compatible with iPhone 4S running iOS 6.1.3 and above.

  3. i am using the MSPY from last 6 month. i was very much happy from the mspy service. but from last 15-20 days ago, mspy updated their web interface. after this update, it become worst and lot of issue are there. no imessge log, call log, (almost all features) updating and missing the msgs. i give now zero start rating. i contact to mspy technical. i am sorry, but infect they are giving very stupid and unlogical reply.

    please request to MSPY, back to your previouse version or i advice to all new purchaser not to spend money on it. it is rubbish.

    • Hi, I’m experiencing the same problems today. In fact, I noticed that a few days ago, the site was quite long in uploading data. Yesterday, mspy operated a site maintenance for more than one hour and since then, I have no logs for sms, calls, key logger, locations. All I can get are ambient recordings, call records (even though they don’t appear on the dashboard, amazing !). I’ve been trying to sort this out with their support team, and just like you, they told me to send a hidden sms, which I did, they told me to wait for about 2 hours for the data to be loaded…. Still, nothing is happening. I’ve just contacted them but have no answer.
      You say it’s possible to request to get me back to my previous version ?


  4. For everyone out there I tried several companies and mspy was by far the best. If your not sure ask about a free trial and you can see how it works with your phone! WARNING to everyone out there the worst company out there is SPYBUBBLE!!!! Do not get this software it is a total scam. The features rarely work and you have to constantly reboot the target phone!!! It is by far the worst software and company out there. BASED in INDIA. THEy are HORRIBLE!!! Mspy is awesome compared to any other company trust me!!!

  5. I changed from spy bubble to mspy because of additional feature, record surroundings, photo spying etc. Have had mspy since July and these additional features have never worked for me. I was given several explanations for record surroundings not working i.e. connection interrupted with call etc. I tested them myself, they never worked…ever! I was ok to continue with mspy, just having other regular features, sms, call, location logging etc. Until recently. Somehow my target’s phone lost connection with mspy. I was advised to re-install it. I tried, lots of times, was unable to connect. Mspy told me that my internet connection must not be strong enough! It was strong enough before. I have full strength internet and sitting right next to my router when I try to connect! I am at present, paying for nothing!

  6. why im no longer have the call/sourroundings recordings features anymore ???
    i been a premium customer for 2 months and i just extended for 1 month that was the reason i been extended it one more month but now im thinking of cancel the suscription its not longer useful to me if someone knows wats wrong please let me know

  7. I purchased mspy and it worked great. I read, listened and saw everything. The target had no idea until I disclosed the information to them. Unfaithful, not loyal and very dishonest.. Glad I did this although I knew too much because this software actually gives you access to everything.. Glad I did this because it saved me from a lifetime of misery.. Thanks

  8. Mspy program was the best , but now it has been the worst since they cancelled Call Recording and sourrounding call and I really not advise anyone for this program.

  9. I had the premium subscription for six months. When I went to renew I saw the note that call recording and remote sound recording was no longer available. I did not and will not renew until/unless they make these features available again.

  10. Hi All, The “Call Recording” and “Record Surrounding” features are no longer available within mspy app due to the legal case. However, there are still more than 25 features in mspy that you can use to track a cell phone.

    And I received an email from mSpy Team. Here is what it said:

    mSpy cares about the needs and concerns of its customers. That’s why we have long been providing our services to parents whose aim is to keep their children safe and to employers who seek to manage their workers productivity with their knowledge and consent. In keeping with this theme, we wish to reiterate that in no uncertain terms do we endorse nor promote the use of our software for purposes other than which have been expressly stated. Please remove any content that suggests otherwise. You may refer to our website for a more detailed description of the approved uses of mSpy tracking software.

    We would like to draw you attention to the fact that monitoring software, like mSpy, still remains legal. The charges against the affiliate mentioned and, possibly, one of the developers were brought on the basis of advertising an ‘eavesdropping device’. We have made sure mSpy clearly positions itself as a parental control tool and business monitoring solution that can only be used with prior consent obtained.

    Thank you,
    mSpy Team

    • I don’t think people buy this software “just for fun”. At least for me, it’s to much money involved + the installation process….

      You were the best untill you made this stupid decision. How come all the other spy programs still have the recording features?? To bad they can’t compete with you in “over all”. Mspy is easy to use, price worthy, reliable – you name it!

      To end this; thanks to Mspy record surroundings my Children still have their mother – I’m still alive! I found out about my charming husbands plans, Before it was to late…..
      Have a nice day everyone!

  11. Mspy did not notify me that call recording & surround recording feature are not available anymore. Mspy did not even send me a reminder email about my subscription expiry. my subscription was expired last month & I did not know. I did n ot receive any email even in my junk folder. Reason could be anything. I had last six month subscription for only 57 euros (£46) but I has been increased to 136 euro (£108 inc. vat) which is totally rip-off especially when these two features are not available. company becoming greedy & greedy ..

  12. Hi..I purchased an mSpy 3 month subscription. Within hours, and not even attempting to set up the program, I emailed and tried to cancel my subscription due to the 10-day refund policy clearly listed on the front page of their website. I was clearly told, no refund would be offered as I should have read their refund policy. They expect a consumer to dig through their website to find this policy – one would think an * next to the “10-day refund policy” stating exceptions apply would be a nice touch. After further review of this policy, they have listed everything possible to never have to give a refund! I understand if I used the product, but they would be able to see that I have clearly done nothing with it. Their only response is they will give me a free month on the backend of my subscription. Where is that a benefit to me when I have clearly asked for a full refund? Maybe, make me pay for 1 month of service and return the other 2 months…. really horrible customer service, unethical company, and a report to the Better Business Bureau and RipOffReport will be next.

  13. Can someone please tell me in easy to understand steps how do I work this software?

    Do I download mspy to my computer or to the phone I’m trying to track?


  14. Hello, it seems I lost connection with target phone which is the phone of my child who is in Dutchland. Normally he connect by Wi-Fi.

  15. Hi! I would like to know if you can actually link back previous target phone because I accidentally hit the unlink current device while I was browsing it? Do I need to reinstall it again to continue using mspy? HELP please!!!!!

  16. I’ve been a user of mspy for the last several months and i really dont have much complaints.. Although it was a bit tricky installing and it occasionally loses some of the data meaning I know the person I’m spying on sent me a text message and i didnt see it appear on the logs, for the most part their product works and i cant imagine what i would do if i didnt have it.

    I would like to see more feature added but you cant go wrong with the price and their support is real good. Overall im satisfied with this product.

  17. I was able to download this app on an android cell, worked good for a week, and the updates stopped….I “CHAT” with them and sent the phone a “777” message, didn’t work….then they said I had to re-download the app on the target phone, so when I was able to get to the target phone at 2:30 am, I re-downloaded the app….it worked for another week and the same problem….the 777 message didn’t work, and now I’m not able to get into the phone, it now has a request for “PIN” number….so I have been requesting a refund, no responses…I only had the app tracker for less than a month.

    • It looks like the app was somehow disabled by the phone’s user.

      When you are installing the mspy app, you can choose to hide the app icon on their phone. Did you do that?

  18. Hi, I’m experiencing the same problems today.
    I’ve been trying to sort this out with their support team, and just like you, still nothing is happening. I’ve contacted them and they had me unlink the target phone and re verify and connect again.
    Program says it updated, but the call logs and the text messages have not.

  19. Also does the non jailbreak program show deleted texts and phone calls? Because I was lead to believe it did.
    But it has never showed deleted texts or phone calls in the logs.

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